Bespoke Gifts and Events
that create lasting impressions


Through a fastidiously selected international network of partners, insider access to rare venues, and artfully crafted items, we curate celebratory experiences that evoke powerful emotions.


Committed to the creation of unique concepts, individualized around your vision, desires and lifestyle. Be it a gift or an event, it will be one of a kind.


Whether understated or opulent, luxury is in the details and manifests itself through the versatility and customization of our services.


Christianna Tsiterou
Founder & CEO

Having spent most of her early and adult life in the GCC, namely KSA and the UAE, Christianna’s multicultural upbringing has led to her having an equally multicultural approach to life, embracing all the wonderful elements and traditions it has to offer. Never being one to settle, her experience includes an extensive portfolio of international, high profile, projects that span from the Middle East, to Europe, Turkey and Asia. She is known for her perfectionism and attention to detail, as well as her love and appreciation for the finer things in life. These traits, combined with a desire to do more of what makes her – and those around her – happy, are what brought The Gift Concierge to life.

Being one to delight in both receiving and giving gifts, Christianna is known among friends and family as being the one to offer “just the right gift” for the person and the occasion. Through The Gift Concierge, this list has now grown to include clients from across the world (both private and corporate) that know they can count on her to make any celebration a truly unique and memorable occasion, delivered with utmost finesse.



Paola Koundourioti
Partner & COO

With a diverse professional background, which extends from major international events to smaller, more intimate, private celebrations, Paola’s passion lies in the creation of memorable and strictly one-of-a-kind concepts that leave long lasting impressions. A restless and inquiring mind, Paola travels the world in search of constant inspiration; from the Asian outback to the center of downtown Manhattan, the world is a kaleidoscope of colors, aromas, sounds and vibes, all offering an unlimited source for new and enhanced event concepts and designs.

Paola’s events are known to set the benchmark for quality and exclusivity, even within the most challenging and changing environments.  A great listener with deep respect for her clients’ needs and desires, Paola brings all the small – and larger – pieces together, offering everyone involved the ultimate event experience.


Dubai - London - Athens