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    Benny Rebel

    Benny Rebel is one of the most successful wildlife photographers of our time.

    Benny is renowned for being one of the very few wildlife photographers to get so close and “personal” with his animal subjects, something that differentiates his work and has earned him international recognition.

    To date,he has organized and carried out numerous film,- photo,- environmental protection, and adventure expeditions to the following countries: South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia,  Kenya, Uganda,  Swaziland, Sri Lanka,  Iran, India, USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Cuba, Galapagos archipelago, Dominican Republic, Turkey and some EU States.

    He is a passionate environmentalist and often allows for his photography and film production to be used as an advertising medium for environmental protection projects. Benny is frequently featured in international media and his work (photography, filming and books) have received numerous international awards.

    Benny Rebel Fine Art Prints, Luxury Safari books and Bespoke Safari Experiences are exclusively available in the GCC through The Gift Concierge.

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    Blossom & Bloom

    Blossom & Bloom was founded with the aim to support superior lifestyle and promote premium choices. True to their mission, they are proud to bring us their flagship product: Amrita Honey, a range of raw organic honeys of the highest class and finest quality.

    The journey to Amrita began on the pages of history, where the knowledge was learned of the healing properties of this 100% natural miracle, and then by travelling the globe to source the most exclusive honeys from the mountains of Greece, the Pyrenees, Scotland, France, Germany, Poland, Lebanon, Yemen, Spain and the Greek Islands.

    The Amrita Honey Signature Collection includes some of the most rare honeys in the world and is available at limited and locations and through select partners.

    Amrita Raw Honey from Blossom & Bloom

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    Joanie Landau

    Artist and Jewelry designer Joanie Landau was born and raised in New York City. Early in her artistic career, she became fascinated with callographs, a rather obscure form of printmaking in which a relief plate is made from textured materials. Prolific and imaginative, her prints are punctuated with vivid colors and metallic elements. Later, she applied her love of color and originality to her jewelry designers, tirelessly exploring the magical, infinite, and fun possibilities.

    Joanie Landau has shown her work at the Connecticut Graphics Arts Center and at the Silvermine School of Art, where she won both the ‘Rembrandt Graphics Arts” and the “First Price Mixed Media” Awards. Her Exquisitely designed studio has been featured in East Coast Home & Design Magazine.

    Joanie Landau Designs are exclusively available in the GCC through The Gift Concierge.

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    Luxe City Guides

    Famous for their super-svelte format and quick-fire reviews, LUXE City Guides are free from unnecessary padding, leaving you with just the good stuff: curated, highly opinionated speed- reads from resident editors and contributors who REALLY know their city – so you can spend time enjoying your trip, not buried in a book. Living proof that great things come in small packages, and packed from concertina cover-to-cover, if it’s in LUXE, it’s IN!

    Available in the GCC through The Gift Concierge

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    SERKOS Jewelry Maison

    SERKOS jewelry Maison was established in 1971.

    The elegantly refined jewelry, the exceptional designs, and superior quality of the precious stones, along with an exquisite collection of watches and gift items, have made SERKOS the preferred jeweler of choice among Europe’s Elite.

    Now clients in the GCC will also get the chance to experience the world of SERKOS, exclusively available in the GCC through The Gift Concierge.

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    Speiron is the Greek pioneering Luxury Food & Beverage Company behind λ /lambda/, the first luxury olive oil in the world.

    The premium choice of A-listers and well-heeled socialites from Beverly Hills to Singapore, λ /lambda/ is a limited-production, award-winning ultra premium olive oil which has constantly Ιntense Μedian of Fruitiness (mF: over 6.0). A finest blend is being made from some of the oldest centenarian olives of Greece which results in an ultra-low acidity liquid. Each and every bottle passes five quality controls and it is being bottled and labeled entirely by hand in order to ensure minimum oxidation and maximum attention to detail.

    λ /lambda/ is available in strictly limited quantities from carefully selected high end partners.

    λ /lambda/ Olive Oil from Speiron

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